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Before & After Christmas Cleaning Tips

Before & After Christmas Cleaning Tips
  • 2022-12-16

Before & After Christmas Cleaning Guide 

Christmas is a time when people enjoy, and friends and family gather. But with that cleaning responsibility also remain both before and after. You have to prepare your home for your family and friends for Christmas and even clean the aftermath. Both before and after Christmas cleaning work is challenging. 

To help you with Christmas cleaning stress we have brought this blog, where you will get cleaning solutions for both before and after Christmas. Below are some house cleaning tips for your Christmas.

Cleaning Before Christmas

Christmas bell is ringing and you have to prepare your house before your family and friends arrive. You all must be excited as Christmas is coming and the countdown is going on. But household chores are intimidating whether small or big. Let us help you to clean your house before Christmas. Below are some house-cleaning tips to prepare your house for Christmas.

1) Living Room

The living room is the most welcoming place for your guests and family. It’s time to decorate and put a Christmas tree in your living room.  Cleaning your living room is very essential as your Christmas tree will not look good in an unclean place. Organize your furniture so that your Christmas tree can get some space.

Also declutter unnecessary items from your living room such as magazines, newspapers, etc. from your living room. After placing your Christmas tree decorating is well.

2) Clean All The Surfaces Top

The surface of cupboards and your shelves contain a lot of dust which you will not love to have before Christmas. You might have been cooking a lot and your stove top might be full of grease and oil.

Start dusting your cupboards and shelves. Degrease your stove top with the help of liquid detergent and scrubber. Always make sure you have a microfiber cloth to clean any surface.

3) Dust And Cobwebs

Your ceiling might have accumulated dust and cobweb, it's time to clean it before you can decorate. After all, it’s not Halloween that you have to make your room look scary right? One of the house cleaning tips is to clean the cobweb and dust all over the ceiling. It will be easier for you to decorate if your ceiling is neat and clean.

4) Guestroom

You might be inviting your loved ones for Christmas, but you have to make your guestroom ready for Christmas. To make your guests feel cozy or comfortable you should vacuum-clean the whole room, and change the bed linen.

If your guestroom has an attached bathroom please clean the bathroom as well. As nobody wants to use an unclean restroom right? So it’s your responsibility to make your guest feel cozy at your home.

5) Carpet

Unclean carpet looks bad and is very unwelcoming for your guests. So the best carpet cleaning advice for your carpet is by vacuuming it properly. Also, make sure to vacuum regularly until the guest is arriving.

After Christmas Cleaning

Christmas ended and it might be overwhelming for you. But you have clean all the clutter in your house. Here are some of the holiday cleaning tips for you.

1) Declutter

You might have thrown a Christmas party or your family and friends have gathered. Christmas aftermath is very huge, and it’s time for you to clean that mess. Organize all the thing which has been spread here and there. Christmas cleaning is not an easy task, you don’t have clean everything in one day. Take your time and clean every room one by one.

2) Red Wine On Your Carpet

Your carpet may have red wine spillage on it. Apply white wine right away on top of the red wine spill. Before covering the area with a damp white towel, liberally sprinkle table salt over it. After the party, press with dry, white towels to get rid of any leftovers.

If a stain still exists, sprinkle baking soda over it and let it sit for 30 minutes. Vacuuming is required. Spraying on the stain requires a 50:50 mixture of water and white vinegar. After giving it an hour to rest, clean it with an old toothbrush. After wiping it off, vacuum once more.

3) Bathroom

When you have visitors during the holidays and cleaning is a hassle, the bathroom is the room that gets the most use. You can clean your bathroom quickly and easily with our helpful do-it-yourself cleaning advice.

Wash your bathroom sink with baking soda. Pour water over the sink, then cover it with baking soda and scrub. It will make your sink appear brand new. Spread detergent on the floor of your bathroom, massage it with water and then rinse it off. The most essential holiday cleaning task is cleaning the toilets.

4) Kitchen

Eating and cooking during Christmas are the most common. Family get-together comes with lots of cooking. Cooking makes your kitchen a mess and cleaning your kitchen becomes a tough task. With our cleaning advice, your kitchen cleaning will be an easy task.

To clean your kitchen start from the top, clean your cupboards, and then move down to the stovetop and other kitchen appliances. Your kitchen appliances might be greasy, to clean them properly use baking soda and water mixture. Even if you find it difficult to clean mix baking soda with detergent liquid and scrub the surface of appliances. Let it sit for a few minutes. After rubbing with baking soda wipe down with microfiber clothes.


Christmas is a welcoming season for your family and friends which needs a deep cleaning of the house. For before and after Christmas cleaning we have discussed a few holiday cleaning tips in this blog.

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