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How the BBQ cleaning is done by Best Bond Cleaners

● The BBQ is carefully inspected;

● All detachable parts are removed and placed in a dip tank filled with cleaning solution;
● Detergent is sprayed all over the BBQ and it is hand-scraped afterwards;
● The outer surfaces of the BBQ are thoroughly cleaned;
● The grill is reassembled and your BBQ is ready for use right away.

Additional information:

● We can clean all types of BBQs, including gas grills, spit roasters, charcoal grills, hooded grills, smokers, kettle BBQs, kamado, and portables, small barbecue 70-110cm, barbecue over 110 cm.
● Surfaces around the work area are covered with protective sheets so no mess is ever left behind when the grill cleaning is over.
● The technician will require access to hot and cold running water as well as electricity in order to carry out the service.
● If you wish, the barbecue technician can clean some of your kitchen appliances while he is there, too.
● We do key pickup and delivery so your BBQ can be cleaned even if you aren’t home.
● Your technician will be happy to share with you some bbq maintenance tips.
We offer full coverage of all areas in Brisbane and different parts of the Australia.
● Best bond cleaners provides the best quality bond cleaning services in Brisbane at cheap price with 100% bond back guarantee .